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Peru is a land of ancient Incan ruins, once lost cities and spectacular landscapes. Discover this enigmatic country by hiking its world-famous trails,...

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Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador and the Galapagos may be one of South America’s smallest countries, but what it lacks in square miles it more than makes up for in beautiful l...

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Sun-kissed beaches, spectacular natural wonders and samba rhythms... Brazil never fails to charm and delight its visitors. Experience the excitement o...

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When Argentina comes to mind, your thoughts will probably turn to the sultry Argentine tango, malbec wine, and succulent steak, and of course football...

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  • Indigenous cultures
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia is an extraordinary destination where contrasting extremes range from the luminous white salt flats of Salar de Uyuni and the arid Atacama Des...

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It is hardly surprising, given the length of Chile, that the country is such a land of contrasts. From the ice flows in the Antarctic South to the ari...

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Colombia is rapidly emerging from a troubled past and becoming a dark horse in Latin America’s formidable line-up. The country is an intense hotpot of...

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  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Unique wildlife
  • A true adventure

Head south – hundreds of miles off the tip of South America – and you will reach the bewitching icy and rocky landscapes of the great white continent....

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