A unique country of diverse landscapes

It is hardly surprising, given the length of Chile, that the country is such a land of contrasts. From the ice flows in the Antarctic South to the arid northern desert, Chile passes through a spectrum of geographical and cultural diversity. Some of the landscapes will leave you feeling at home with scenery that is reminiscent of rural England or the Highlands of Scotland, while others that may make you wonder if you're in another world.

Chile holidays - perfect for...

  • The cosmopolitan capital Santiago is quickly becoming one of the most-loved cities in South America
  • It’s likely you've enjoyed a bottle of Chilean red at home, however nothing is better than sampling the produce in the country’s winelands
  • The region of Patagonia, shared with Chile’s neighbour Argentina boasts serrated Andean peaks, flowing glaciers and much-loved wildlife
  • San Pedro de Atacama, Chile’s most popular destination, is surrounded by barren desert landscapes, volcanoes and life-filled lagoons
  • 2300 miles off the coast lies mystical Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island, a land of tradition and striking scenery

Places to go in Chile