Explore the natural and man-made wonders of enchanting Peru.

Peru is a land of ancient Incan ruins, once lost cities and spectacular landscapes. Discover this enigmatic country by hiking its world-famous trails, wandering the streets of its glorioushigh-altitude cities and stepping back in time as you explore ruins which tell the tales of ancient civilisations.

Peru holidays - perfect for...

  • No trip to Peru is complete without visiting Machu Picchu - the train journey is spectacular
  • Take a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines which you can only fully appreciate from the air
  • Follow the ancient highways of the Incas on the world's most famous walking trail
  • Visit the Amazon and choose a luxury cruise with daily expeditions or to stay in a lodge where you have greater flexibility when planning the duration and dates of your stay
  • Lake Titicaca is Peru's 'folklore capital' and has a spectacular backdrop of snow-capped mountains

Places to go in Peru