Mexico City holiday highlights

Mexico City, is home to the magnificent Zócalo – the heart of the city and one of the world’s largest city squares. A giant Mexican flag is ceremoniously raised and lowered daily, numerous community events take place here and Aztec dancers perform daily. The square is overlooked to the north by the striking Metropolitan Cathedral and to the east by the Palacio Nacional which is adorned with colourful murals by Mexican artist Diego Rivera which depict the country’s history from the Aztecs to prerevolution Mexico.

The city is home to fine museums including the outstanding National Museum of Anthropology, a cavernous treasure trove of indigneous artefacts, paintings and sculptures from Mexico’s ancient cultures. Head north-east of the Zócalo to discover the ruins of the Templo Mayor which have an incongruous setting in the city centre. Destroyed by the Spanish in the 16th Century, this temple in the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlanare remained undiscovered until 1978 when workmen discovered a huge stone carving depicting Coyolxauhqui, the moon goddess. During the site’s excavation thousands of artefacts were discovered – including a wall of skulls and life size statues of Aztec warriors – which can be seen at the on-site museum.