Cancun city is located towards the south eastern side of Mexico. Towards the north east of Cancun you have the Yucatan Peninsula. The city of Cancun is ranked among the best tourist destinations in the world.

The city is located very near to the Caribbean Sea. The well known resort of Cancun is known as the Riviera Maya. The name Cancun suggests nest of snakes or a pot. In other places it is also known as the land of golden snakes. Originally the citizens of Cancun were the Mayans. During the time of conquest most of the Mayan population was destroyed. Few of them died because of various deadly diseases and famines etc. The World Tourism Organization with the help of their foundation of UNWTO – Themis had awarded the best award for the Cancun tourism.

Luckily I had the chance to visit the city of Cancun and explore this amazing tourist destination. I made sure that I have Cancun Travel Guide with me so that I can enjoy all the major tourist attractions in Cancun.

I could get the entire Cancun tourist information from all the government departments. I would like to discuss some of the best tourist attractions rather can say 10 reasons to visit Cancun. I can assure you that you would want to come back again and again to this enchanting place.

1. Local culture

The best part of Cancun tourism is to enjoy the local culture of Cancun. You should take part in the Caribbean carnival which takes place every year in Cancun. This festival is full of fun, frolic and music. The Caribbean carnival is held on the Isla Mujeres Island. Besides enjoying the music and dance you can also enjoy some of the best local delicacies for your dinner.

2. Lobster dinner cruise

Cancun is famous worldwide for its lobsters. The lobster dinner cruise provides the tourists with the best delicacies prepared out of lobsters. This cruise is on the Nichupte Lagoon and one can be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the calm and peaceful environment of the lagoon.

3. Cancun Duck tour 

In this trip you have the chance of exploring both the land and sea. You can enjoy the thick mangroves across the Nichupte Lagoon; watch the ruins of the Mayan civilization and believe me these would be the most memorable moments of your travel to Cancun.

4. Coba Ruins trip

Here you get the taste of Mayan traditions. You get the chance to see the ruins of Coba which was present during the Mayan times. There are old pyramids which have been preserved and you can even climb on the pyramid. I found it very interesting to know about the history of the Mayans and there are trained guides who provide the entire information about the ruins of Coba.

Coba Ruins

5. Underwater museum 

This is the most amazing attraction of Cancun. This is an exotic museum which displays some of the best arts of the world.


This former fishing village is now a lively resort that lures hedonists in search of pictureperfect beaches, luxurious resorts that cater for your every whim, designer malls and incredible nightlife.

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