When Alfred Kuoni founded his company in 1906, he knew that great travel experiences weren’t just about the sights. The local people he met, and the stories they told, allowed him to return home richer, happier and wiser. This philosophy lives on with Alfred& - the & being the out-of-the-ordinary people who play a crucial part in an unforgettable adventure.  

From the UK team who have travelled throughout Asia, to the multitude of local experts and guides they are on first-name terms with, Alfred& have the expertise to craft bespoke journeys packed with the privileged access that only those who’ve lived there all their lives could provide. Prepare to meet the whale spotters, street food vendors, jeepney drivers, celebrity chefs, and even buffalo herdsmen who will help define the trip of a lifetime. 

Specialist holidays

The following specialist brands operate independently within the Der Touristik UK Group.
 They all offer the highest levels of expertise combined with outstanding service and great value for money

Carrier Jules Verne CV Travel Kirker Journey Latin America Alfre& by Kuoni