The Galapagos Islands holiday highlights

Each island boasts its own unique ecosystem. San Cristobal Island’s Isla Lobos shoreline is home to sea lions, brown pelicans and marine iguanas; on North Seymour Island see bird colonies including blue-footed boobies; Floreana Island is inhabited by exotic flamingos; while Fernandina Island hosts penguins, hawks and cormorants.

Santa Cruz’s Charles Darwin Research Station houses giant tortoises; and mockingbirds and finches fly on Gardner Bay, Española Island. The unfortunate recent loss of the Pinta giant tortoise ‘Lonesome George’ heralded the extinction of his subspecies – which shows the importance of the wildlife of these islands.

From modern motor vessels to enchanting sailing yachts we have selected some of the very best small and medium cruise boats for your Galapagos experience. All our Galapagos cruises feature on-board naturalist guides to tell you about the islands’ natural wonders during the daily excursions and lectures.

A typical day on board your cruise will involve a number of shore excursions, during which you will disembark from your ship and board small zodiac boats. You will experience a number of dry and wet landings; on the former you will step directly from the boat on to land and on the latter the zodiac will stop in ankle or knee deep water and you will walk to shore. We recommend you take shoes or sandals that you do not mind getting wet and a towel to dry your feet once on land.