Trinidad holiday highlights

With a unique ambience that is shaped by its intimacy and authenticity, Trinidad enjoys a unbeatable location sandwiched between verdant mountains and the Caribbean sea. The nearby ‘living museum’ of Valle de los Ingenias was the heart of the 18th and 19th Century sugar production and today is scattered with the ruins of over 70 sugar mills and grand plantation houses.

Trinidad key facts


• There are two currencies in Cuba - the Convertible peso (CUC) and Cuban pesos (CUP) and you will mainly use CUC during your time in Cuba
• US dollars and US traveller’s cheques aren’t as widely exchanged as they used to be
• Traveller’s cheques are mostly accepted, but not all hotels exchange them – go to an international bank instead
• There’s a minimum fee of 8% to exchange currency and 3% on credit card payments.