Travel is about really experiencing a destination, exploring in-depth and heading off the beaten track. With expedition and discovery cruises, the destination is king and the first thing you’ll need to bring is a sense of adventure. Imagine sailing from island to island in some of the most remote destinations on earth and returning from a day of unforgettable exploration to all the comforts of a cruise or sailing ship.

Where to sail

Our featured expedition cruises sail around the Galapagos Islands or the far-flung Antarctica Peninsula. The cruise experience itself is the same as in other regions of the world with world-class dining, a spa and low-key entertainment onboard. The difference lies in the focus on the remote areas you’re visiting. Each day, you’ll head out on small explorer boats or Zodiacs and either step on land at a particular point of interest or cruise along the coastline.

Ship size

Small ships lend themselves perfectly to exploration as you can visit areas that larger ships can’t reach. You’ll share your experience with far fewer guests than you might expect, with ship capacities ranging from a little over a thousand guests to just 100 – the maximum amount of guests allowed on any ship sailing in the Galapagos.


Expedition cruises tend to focus on destination immersion and enrichment rather than big entertainment productions. You can expect plenty of onboard lectures and talks that are given by members of the ship’s expedition team or invited guests that have a particular expertise in the region’s culture, history, wildlife and natural landscapes.


Hurtigruten’s a world leader in sustainable Polar region travel and visits a range of incredible destinations across the globe.

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This exclusive, sought-after, all-inclusive cruise line caters to guests who seek the finer things in life. On board a Scenic ship you’ll experience unrivalled service, extra spacious suites and opulent style.

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Silversea® and Silversea Expeditions

With Silversea® you can expect boutique-style luxury ships, all inclusive itineraries to over 800 destinations on all seven continents and the highest standards of service with butler service in every suite. 
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Drop off the end of the world deep into the Antarctic circle where the frozen seas and the lands of the world’s most southerly continent await.
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Voyage To The Galapagos

Discover the incredible flora and fauna of the untouched Galapagos Islands aboard the exclusive Letty and Flamingo yachts which offer intimate cruise itineraries. 
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MV Santa Cruz II - Galapagos

Journey to the untouched paradise of the Galapagos Islands and follow in Darwin’s footsteps as you discover an astonishing abundance of wildlife and dramatic landscapes...
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