Two sets of coastline to choose from, world-class coffee and some of Latin America’s most fascinating cities – holidays in Colombia are undiscovered and unbelievable

Colombia is rapidly emerging from a troubled past and becoming a dark horse in Latin America’s formidable line-up. The country is an intense hotpot of city character, ranging from beautiful colonial architecture to high-altitude cable car panoramas, and spectacular natural landscapes. Roam fragrant coffee plantations, conquer mighty Andean summits and discover unspoilt beaches – they might not be the first thing you think of, but head north to the Caribbean Coast and you’ll discover them for yourself – rugged, laid-back and unashamedly exotic.

Colombia holidays - perfect for...

  • The city of Cartagena, a colonial gem on the country’s Caribbean Coast
  • Beautiful architecture and the historic heart of the capital, Bogotá
  • Emerald forests, plantations and haciendas across the rural coffee region, or zona cafetera
  • An unspoilt coastline and clear Caribbean waters, home to the breathtaking Tayrona National Park
  • Thick rainforest and Indian archaeological sites hidden in the jungle.

Places to go in Colombia