Brazil holiday highlights

Rio de Janeiro is the heartbeat of Brazil. This lively, vibrant, sometimes hectic city and its citizens have a genuine passion for life and music. Truly mesmerising panoramic views can be seen from Brazilian icon Christ the Redeemer, which stands 2,300 feet above Rio's streets, bays and beaches. Taste Brazilian beach life on the sweeping sands of world-renowned Copacabana Beach.

Búzios is a sophisticated beach resort dubbed the ‘St Tropez of Latin America’. The charming town of Paraty has hardly changed since its heyday during the 18th-Century gold trade. Brazil’s best known beaches dot the Atlantic coast of Bahia, the musical heart and soul of Brazil. Porto de Galinhas is an award-winning beach resort. The nearby natural pools house nature’s own aquarium.

The great Amazon River basin covers almost half of Brazil, its waterways meandering through dense rainforest while the breathtaking Iguaçu Falls plunder into the river at the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The vast tropical wetlands of the Pantanal sprawl over 54,000 square miles and thrive with wildlife.

The Essentials

•    As with the rest of Latin America, Brazilians tend to stand quite close when

conversing and may touch you lightly on the hands, arms or shoulders.

•   Steady eye contact is associated with sincerity.

•   Take care and be vigilant. Valuables should not be on display.

•   Always arrive late - nobody ever arrives on time for social meetings or parties and if you do you'll have quite a wait!

Random Fact

Ingrained deep within the Brazilian national identity, the samba is a lively, rhythmical dance with African roots. Both a dance and music genre, it is best witnessed during the vibrant Rio Carnival, although there are  samba schools and musicians all over the country. It is said that a  great samba dancer speaks with their feet and this can be observed in  two main forms of the dance – the ‘samba no pe’ and the ‘samba gafieiro’.

Brazil key facts

Time difference

GMT -2 hours




Brazilian Reals

Flying time to destination

11½ hours to Rio de Janeiro


Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. English is widely spoken in hotels, restaurants and larger shops.

Passport & visas

A full valid passport is required. We recommend that it's valid for at least 6 months after you return to the UK. No visa is required for British citizens.

Voltage & electricity

110/220v 60HzHz. Either European plugs with two circular metal pins, American style plug with two flat blades above a circular grounding pin or Japanese style plugs with two parallel flat blades are used.

Brazil good to know


Most restaurants levy a 10% service charge automatically. However, if service has been good you should give the waiter an additional 5 %. Taxi drivers should be tipped

approximately 10% of the fare. Porters expect one USD for 2 suitcases.