A spectacular and unmissable natural wonder.

One of the world’s most remarkable natural sights, the spectacular Iguaçu Falls straddle the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and can easily be added to any South American itinerary.

Iguaçu Falls are shared by two national parks which are divided by the mighty Iguaçu River. These vast UNESCO World Heritage Sites boast lush forest and numerous species of flora and fauna including the giant anteater, giant otter, butterflies and orchids. The city of Foz do Iguaçu is the gateway to Brazil’s Iguaçu National Park.

Follow sub-tropical forest trails to a number of lookout points and absorb the astounding force and beauty of this collection of 275 falls as you get close enough to feel the spray on your face. For an even more immersive experience take a boat ride up the Iguazú River to the base of the falls and prepare to get very wet!

Enjoy incredible panoramic views of the falls from the Brazilian side before crossing the border to enjoy a whole new perspective from the Argentinian side where you can closer to the falls and experience their immense power from high up.