Bahamas holidays

A dreamlike archipelago of turquoise, white and green gracing the northeast Caribbean Sea

A former haven of pirates, smugglers and rum-runners, The Bahamas has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the North America. Take trips below the surface of the water as tropical fish swim by, kick back on powder-soft sands or go island hopping to explore this beautiful archipelago of 700 islands. Spend a week or two here and adjust to the islands’ three paces of life... slow, stop and reverse.

Bahamas holidays - perfect for...

  • The Bahamas offers some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, with turquoise waters and soft white, pink and gold sands
  • Deep-sea diving amongst spooky shipwrecks and reefs teeming with brightly coloured fish; and kayaking around some of the 2400 cays, making unforgettable experiences
  • The historic capital of Nassau is a wonderful place to explore, where charming Georgian architecture stands pretty in various shades of pastel
  • The exclusive surrounds of Paradise Island – home to an array of resorts such as the world-famous Atlantis, Paradise - boasting its own waterpark, aquarium and casino
  • The city of Freeport is a shopper’s paradise, with designer and boutique stores, as well as a world of Bahamian arts and crafts. This makes for a perfect day trip with plenty to see and do, and with an array of restaurants and bars – why not enjoy the evening here too.