Argentina holiday highlights

Explore cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, from the modern docks of Puerto Madero to the historic quarters of San Telmo; visit 'estancias', great ranch houses that lie in the vast grasslands or pampas; or see the spectacular Iguazú Falls, straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Tour Mendoza in the eastern foothills of the Andes, the gateway to world famous vineyards before exploring Salta with its fine colonial architecture and fabulous museums or discover Argentina's Lake District with its glacial lakes, thundering rivers and snow-capped volcanoes. Often dubbed the ‘Switzerland of America’, Bariloche lies in the shadow of Andean peaks.

Spot Baleen wales, sea lions, seals and Magellanic penguins along Peninsula Valdés' 250-mile coastline and explore the remarkable Los Glaciares National Park from the small town of El Calafate on the southern shores of icy Lake Argentino before reaching the ‘End of the World’ – the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego on South America's southernmost tip.

The Essentials
• Argentinians' concept of personal space is different to ours and people may stand closer than you're used to.

• Punctuality is rarely observed. It's not uncommon for someone to turn up over 20 minutes late.

• It is considered polite to leave a small amount of food on your plate.

• Latin Americans have a casual and relaxed demeanour and are comfortable with loud talking, exaggerated gestures and physical contact.

• Make the effort to learn a few Spanish phrases. A simple 'buenos días' in the morning, 'buenas tardes' in the afternoon and 'buenas noches' in the evening will go a long way.

• Avoid mentioning the Falkland Islands. If you do then use their Argentinian name, Islas Malvinas.

Argentina key facts

Time difference

GMT -5 hours


Buenos Aires

Flying time to destination

16 hours


Latin American Spanish

Passport & visas

Visas are not required.