Iguazú holiday highlights

One of the questions when visiting Iguazú is from which side of the border to view the falls. Each side is different, so for a full experience we recommend seeing them from both countries. In Argentina you can to get close to the falls – sometimes just an arm’s length away – and witness the roaring waters from a unique top-down perspective. There is a longer network of walkways here than on the Brazilian side of the river, and as well as the famous falls such as the Devil’s Throat you can get closer to a number of smaller waterfalls.

Following a day or more exploring the walkways in Argentina it’s time to cross the border into Brazil to enjoy a more complete view of the falls as a whole. From the shorter network of walkways you may be further from the water, however you will be able to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the horseshoe-shaped falls. A real highlight here is the view you will get of the famous Devil’s Throat as you make your way along the Lower Balcony that takes you almost to the face of the falls.

Although the falls are the main attraction here, there is much more to see. The two national parks of Iguazú and Iguaçu, which sit on the Argentinian and Brazilian side of the border respectively, consist of swathes of sub-tropical rainforest and deciduous forest. The region is home to a wide array of wildlife species such as jaguars and pumas. The falls are not far from the border with Paraguay – cross Friendship Bridge to get another stamp in your passport and also view the impressive Itaipu Dam.