Buenos Aires holiday highlights

Argentina’s capital boasts a fantastic array of sights throughout its many neighbourhoods. The vibrantly decorated houses, restaurants and bars that line Caminito, in the barrio of La Boca, are an iconic city sight. The upmarket Recoleta district is home to the fascinating Recoleta Cemetery, the final resting place of Eva Peron and other notable dignitaries, as well as a number of museums and grand palaces, while in historic San Telmo charming 17th and 18th Century buildings line the grid of cobbled streets.

Dining in Buenos Aires is an experience in itself and the historic influx of differing nationalities throughout history has not only affected the architecture and culture but cuisine too. From the simple pizzerias and bars in San Telmo to the chic cafés of Palermo and the popular eateries in Puerto Madero, there are myriad choices for all tastes and budgets. Like the rest of Argentina, the city is a heaven for meat eaters with high-quality beef and lamb from the Pampas to Patagonia being particular specialities.

Shopping in Buenos Aires takes you from the funky boutiques of Palermo Viejo and the high end shops of upscale Recoleta to the fascinating antique shops of historic San Telmo. The residents of Buenos Aires, otherwise known as ‘Porteños’, have a distinct style and this is evident in the numerous fashion stores throughout the city’s glamorous districts. A highlight of any trip to Buenos Aires is a visit to the lively Sunday market that takes place along Defensa Street in San Telmo where you can shop for antiques and handicrafts.