A breathtaking land of shimmering ice

Head south – hundreds of miles off the tip of South America – and you will reach the bewitching icy and rocky landscapes of the great white continent. Antarctica has long been the destination of dreams for many an intrepid traveller and stepping foot on the 7th continent is at the top of most must-do lists. And now with luxury cruises, as well as the traditional expedition ships, visiting these far off shores – once frequented by only the most courageous explorers – is more accessible than ever.

Antarctica holidays - perfect for...

  • This is the ultimate frontier for travellers and nature at its most unspoilt. It may even the chance to say you have visited every continent
  • The great number of wildlife species in these seemingly inhospitable waters including myriad whale and penguin species
  • Traditional polar expedition cruises, particularly our featured fly and sail packages, offer intimate Antarctic experiences
  • Cruises departing from Argentina or Chile lasting three weeks or more are the ideal way to see the white continent in style
  • Antarctica is home to a number of research stations run by governments around the world which may be lucky to visit during a cruise